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Taking orders for

Table service

Is it very busy in your restaurant and you don’t have enough staff to take all orders? Increase your service level by letting guests order and pay themselves.


Are you done with high fees of 3rd party platforms? Build your own channel to take delivery orders.


Don’t let guests wait in line to place an order. Let them pre-order and pick it up on a time slot they’ve selected.

Room service

Never have to call reception to order. Just pick a meal via the chatbot, straight from the hotel room.

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Ordering via a chatbot? How does that work?

  • The guests sees a QR code, scans it and selects a messaging platform like Facebook Messenger to talk to the chatbot.

  • The chatbot replies, takes the order and handles the payment. This goes fully automated so you don’t have to do anything.

  • Paid orders will be sent to the kitchen or bar. If you don’t have a POS integration, you will get a clear notification of each new order.

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Why using a chatbot for my restaurant?

Every day we use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to communicate with our friends. Why can’t we use these same messaging apps to order food or drinks? Now we can, and it’s fully automated via a chatbot.

  • It’s easy and intuitive to use for your guests

  • Once a guest has opened a conversation, the chatbot can easily send promotional messages back like “It’s Friday night, do you want to order?”

  • One channel for table service, delivery, pick-up or roomservice

  • You have full control over guest data

Accepting international and local payment methods

Let your guests pay in more than 10 different payment methods, including credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal and iDeal.

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POS integrations

Our chatbot integrates with multiple POS so orders are directly sent to the kitchen or bar. There is no need to manually update your products or pricing in multiple systems.

No integration?

Is your POS not included? No worries, you can use the chatbot also without a POS integration. We have an easy dashboard for uploading and managing your products. For each new order you will get a notification.

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Easy cancellation, no investment or startup costs

$49per month
  • Up to 250 orders per month

$99per month
  • Up to 750 orders per month

$149per month
  • Up to 1.250 orders per month

Pricing are monthly based on an annual payment. These prices are excluding payment processing fees and costs for marketing materials. Multiple venues? Reach out to us for a special offer.

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