Driving traffic to your restaurant ordering chatbot

If you have a great ordering chatbot, people need to be aware of it. Especially for delivery and pick-up, it can be challenging to promote your restaurant ordering chatbot. You need to make people aware outside of your restaurant business. Therefore we will help you to drive traffic to your ordering chatbot so the chatbot can generate sales for you.

How we drive traffic to your restaurant ordering chatbot

Restaurant owned channels

  • Your restaurant website
  • Social channels like Facebook or Instagram
  • Instore promotion materials
  • Flyers with each delivery and pick-up order
  • Email newsletters

Search engine optimization

  • A search engine optimized landing page for the chatbot

Paid advertising

  • Via Facebook, Instagram and Google, highly targetting your delivery zones and only during your opening hours.

Your restaurant’s ordering chatbot

Smart Retargetting

Targetting the people who already used your ordering chatbot with a promotion:

  • Via Facebook Messenger: “It’s Friday night, do you wan to order your favorite pizza again?”
  • Via display advertising, only seen by the people who used your ordering chatbot.

Interested in an ordering chatbot for your restaurant?

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