Features of the hospitality chatbot

Order taking features

  • Table service, the chatbot asks for a table number.

  • Delivery, via a zip code and house number combination. The chatbot also handles minimum order quantities and delivery fees

  • Pick-up, by asking for a name and a time slot to pick up the order.

  • Roomservice, by asking for a room number

Driving revenue features

Promotional and reminder messages

  • Do you want apple pie with your coffee?

  • Do you want to try our non-alcoholic cocktail special for only $5?

Cross and upsell features

  • Do you want to order another 2 beers?

  • It’s Friday night. Do you want to order pizza like last week?

Multiple languages

Chatbot speaks English, German and Dutch. More languages are coming

Using natural language

Guests can place their order using buttons but they can also place an order by using natural language. This is called Natural Language Processing (NLP) and is part of what artificial intelligence (AI) does. To give you an example see two sentences below with very different intents.

“I would like to order 2 beers”

  • Intent is ordering
  • Product is beer
  • Quantity is 2
  • Result: Add 2 beers to the order

“What beers do you have?”

  • Intent is search products
  • Product is beer
  • Quantity is not applicable
  • Result: Show all beers on the menu

Product information and images

Product images

Modifiers and optional products

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