How the chatbot works

Step 1: Making your guest aware of your chatbot

It’s very simple. The first step is to make the guest aware that he can use a chatbot to order at your restaurant. You can communicate about it in various ways. Below you will find some examples:

  • A table sign with a QR code or NFC chip. The guest can scan it and will be directed to the chatbot
  • A flyer with each delivery order containing the same QR code
  • Putting a post at your social media channels linking to the chatbot
  • Adding an ordering button on your website linking to the chatbot

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landing page chatbot

Step 2: Selecting a messaging app

When the guest scans the QR code, he will land on a page to select a messaging app like Facebook Messenger to communicate with the chatbot. When a messaging app is selected, it’s very easy to re-open a previous conversation, just like chatting with your friends

Step 3: Start chatting and pay for the order via the chatbot

The guest starts chatting and the chatbot replies automatically. So you as a restaurant owner does not have to do anything, it goes fully automated. Payments will be done via the chatbot as well. The chatbot works with more than 10 different payment methods, including credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal and iDeal.

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Alternative for self-ordering kiosk

Step 4: Paid orders will be sent to your POS

Once an order is paid, the order will be sent directly to the kitchen or the bar if there is a POS integration. We integrate with multiple POS providers but is your POS not included? No worries, you can use the chatbot also without a POS integration. We have an easy dashboard for uploading and managing your products. For each new order you will get a notification.

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