An ordering app for your restaurant?

The use of an ordering app is a good way to increase service and to increase revenue in your restaurant. Guests do not have to wait anymore to place their order or to pay their bill. They just simply use your ordering app.

However, the downside of using an ordering is that guests have to download the app. Downloading an app can be such a hurdle that the adoption of the app will fail.

Is there a better alternative for an ordering app?

There is a better alternative for an ordering. At Table Duck, we’ve developed a chatbot that can take orders and payments for restaurants via messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Our chatbot can have conversations, take orders and handle payments fully automated. So there is nothing you have to do for it as a restaurant owner. For the guest there is no need to download an app, just open Messenger.

The chatbot can handle orders for delivery and pickup too. A chatbot can also send promotional messages back like “It’s Friday night, do you want to re-order pizza?” to drive revenue.

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Ordering via a chatbot? How does that work?

  • The guests sees a QR code, scans it and selects a messaging platform like Facebook Messenger to talk to the chatbot.

  • The chatbot replies, takes the order and handles the payment. This goes fully automated so you don’t have to do anything.

  • Paid orders will be sent to the kitchen or bar. If you don’t have a POS integration, you will get a clear notification of each new order.

More about how it works

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